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Math, Physics, Statistics tutor for high school, MDC, FIU, UM.


I have been a Miami based math, statistics, physics tutor since 1989. My tutoring services are offered locally in Miami, FL., where I tutor mostly high school,FIU, MDC and UM students. Expect outstanding service for you or your child. Not only do I know the material very well, but I can truly help you learn it and (maybe even) not hate it.

My name is Joaquin Arguelles. I'm here to help.

Visit if you would like online statistics help (not in person).
Visit if you would like online math help (not in person).


  • Math tutor
  • Physics tutor
  • Statistics tutor


Tutoring Times: Whatever we agree upon.

Location: My home-office (Off of Coral Way and SW 144th ave, Miami).


  • $60/hour for 1 student,
  • $35/hour/student for 2 students,
  • $30/hour/student for 3 students,
  • $25/hour/student for 4 students.

Fairly standard terms and conditions:

  • Person who makes the appointment is completely responsible for full payment.
  • Payment due in full at end of session.
  • You may cancel an appointment anytime before 6:00 pm the day before your appointment. After this time you will be responsible for paying for your appointment.
  • Only the person who makes the appointment can cancel it.
  • Cancellation is to be done by phone, and not text nor email.

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cell phone: (786) 281-1719

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